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Technical Documentation

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You need to produce quality documentation fast. Content that answers customers’ questions before they ask them. Streamline your technical documentation, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction with DITA-based intelligent content design and delivery.

Intelligent Content Delivery

You need to deliver intelligent conbusinessman-using-mobile-phone-25769844tent to your customers:

  • Contextually relevant information for every audience, product, and issue
  • Easily accessible at any time, on any device, in any language
  • Consistent throughout your organization

Suite Solutions’ professional team  can help you meet the challenge of intelligent content delivery, giving you the power of DITA component-based reusable content. We accompany your team at every stage of implementation and ensure that your solution is integrated with your workflow.

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Reduce Costs and Time to Market

Studies have shown that a component-based content delivery system can deliver resource savings of up to 20%.400_F_59892987_srw6eoVoFzfGMNN698RLo6VD6FTrlUdU   Save time and money through:

  • Reuse of content
  • Automated localization for multiple devices
  • Consistency of content throughout the company

Reducing the resources needed to create new content lowers your time-to-market, your publishing costs, and your distribution costs. The Result: higher efficiency, faster turn-around time, and impressive ROI.


Focus on Writing, Not Formatting400_F_61339870_e3XtSE4Iy1tXsefplL9vN8N2Nz1gupRO

With component-based intelligent content delivery, content is automatically formatted according to your customer’s location and device. That means that you can concentrate on producing quality content, secure in the knowledge that your content will be optimized for every format with a professional look-and-feel.


Write Once, Publish Anywhere: Single Source, Multiple Deliverables

400_F_55735499_Ekw2ku41HwB9NXfNfU6sSQ0hbVuqPoOUWith dynamic publishing, you write each topic only once for reuse in multiple formats (such as Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, and mobile formats).
Automated localization publishes your content in multiple languages with minimal resources. Component-based publishing allows you to provide personalized documentation for each customer, based on their own definitions. Your content will be accessible anywhere, on any device, in any language.


Extend Your Documentation with Web Help

screen-ContentsWant to quickly extend your component-based documentation with automated,
high-level web help? SuiteHelp leverages your content and makes it accessible via online help that employs the latest web standards and is customized to your corporate look-and-feel. SuiteHelp’s speedy deployment and use of the latest standards ensures the quick ROI of your web help implementation.

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