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Give your customers robust & high-level DITA-based webhelp with cross-browser and cross-platform support.

SuiteHelp is a cross-platform, high-level DITA webhelp framework designed to give users what they need when they need it. SuiteHelp functions as a plugin that converts your DITA content dynamically into online help, harnessing the latest technologies and web standards like HTML5 to give you reliable, context-sensitive webhelp functionality. Serve your customers with a familiar webhelp interface customized to your organizational look and feel.


Self-Service Anywhere, Any Time, From Any Device

You never know where your customers will be when they need a solution. SuiteHelp makes it easy to optimize your information for multiple browsers, operating systems, and mobile device formats, as well as disabled users employing devices like screen readers. SuiteHelp is accessible from anywhere – no installation is needed.


Full Multilingual Support

SuiteHelp reaches your customers wherever they live, supporting multilingual help in any language, including European, Slavic, and Far Eastern languages as well as right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew. This multilingual support includes all out-of-the-box functionality, including the table of contents, index, search, and glossary.

Extend Your Branding

Easily apply custom templates for seamless integration of your SuiteHelp solution with the rest of your online presence. Customize your template to reflect your preferences for help page functionality and structure as well as your online look and feel.



Collect Metrics and Analytics

With SuiteHelp you can track the exact topics your customers are viewing and what terms they are searching for. Tracking individual page views enables your team to remove or improve topics that are not useful to customers, saving resources and ensuring that your customers find the content that they do want more easily. The result: a more efficient and customer-focused webhelp system.
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Feature Highlights

  • Collapsible table of contents, search, index, glossary
  • Advanced search capability includes morphological/fuzzy search, exact phrase search, term search, Boolean, and NEAR search
  • Secure tri-pane interface built on HTML5 without use of obsolete frames enables search crawling and ranking
  • Role-based filtering
  • Support for context-sensitive help
  • Better accessibility to users with disabilities (Section 508) using semantic tagging
  • Automated thumbnails for large graphics
  • User interface localization


Technical Highlights

  • No knowledge of XSL or the DITA Open Toolkit required for customizing your formatting
  • Cross-browser support: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari
  • Support for Windows ( publishing via other platforms may be possible upon request)
  • Integration with authoring tools and CMS
  • Uses minimalistic and semantic elements wherever possible, including use of new HTML5 elements such as nav and article where appropriate
  • Designed for modern web architectures yet backward compatible with older systems (graceful degradation)

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