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Document Conversion and Migration

The Benefits

The conversion of your documentation is an important step of your DITA implementation. With a professional documentation conversion, you can:

  • Quickly attain a large sampling of valid DITA to configure and test your authoring, publishing, or CMS toolset
  • Reap the benefits of your DITA investment and hit your target return on investment (ROI) more quickly
  • Provide authors with a solid foundation and benchmark for creating new content


sisyphus-29417157The Challenge

The downside is that converting content manually can be grueling and time-consuming, and may burn out your authors. Converting content in-house adds pressure to production schedules and runs the risk of creating inconsistency due to a lack of expertise in DITA.


The Solution: Professional and Automated Conversion

With Suite Solutions, you have a partner who guarantees the success of your DITA conversion and ensures that you show progress and reach your maximum ROI within your expected time frame.

business-team-tablet-pc-having-discussion-technology-office-concept-serious-computers-documents-coffee-37154018We will help you convert documentation from:

  • FrameMaker (structured and unstructured)
  • Word
  • HTML
  • Adobe InDesign
  • DocBook
  • PDF


Your Partner in the Conversion and Migration Process

We will accompany you through every step of the conversion and migration process, including:

  • Developing requirements based on content audit and information architecture400_F_63575644_faseCB4YXzYkZOuIMBSwwXwxtql6d4j8
  • Developing a plan and schedule for conversion and migration
  • Preparing content for conversion
  • Configuring conversion tools
  • Analyzing and generating conversion topic list
  • Reviewing the topic list
  • Converting documentation
  • Reviewing, tweaking, and re-converting initial sample as necessary
  • Performing “clean-up” of final files