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DITA Quick Start

DITA Quick Start: Professional Guidance for Your DITA-based Content Delivery

business-man-track-clouds-9533039Enjoy the benefits of content reuse, consistent deliverables, and one-step publishing with the DITA Quick Start implementation package. Our experienced and professional team is with you at every stage of your implementation, ensuring that you reach the maximum potential for gains. DITA Quick Start ensures that your implementation will achieve faster ROI, lower content creation costs, and higher customer satisfaction.

DITA Quick Start Workshop for Authors and Information Architects

The DITA Quick Start Workshop prepares you to author, manage and publish your content using DITA. This workshop is intensive, practical and includes plenty of hands-on exercises. After completing the workshop, your team will:

  • Be well grounded in the foundations of using DITA for documentation and training content
  • Have hands-on experience authoring DITA content and assembling topics into deliverables
  • Understand the basics of information architecture and be able to design your own content model, plan for reuse, and achieve multi-purpose documents
  • Be able to publish your content into PDF and HTML-based formats using the DITA Open Toolkit

 Requirements Gathering and High Level Content Audit

Having a trusted and experienced advisor at your side is important to help you set reasonable goals, identify opportunities and constraints in your documentation process, and avoid unnecessary complexity. During this stage we will help you:

  • Evaluate your current content and structure
  • Identify requirements for documentation output: print, online, and mobile
  • Identify translation/localization requirements
  • Identify other process or integration requirements specific to your organization

Information Architecture Planning and Content Modeling

400_F_57158468_v1cDRtLyOI1qjCbasz0G7us1LAY4cBUOYour ability to consistently and reliably publish high-quality content is critical to the success of your DITA implementation. A suitable information architecture and content model is a necessary step towards preparing sample content, formalizing your tagging policy, and defining your style sheet requirements and data conversion requirements. We will guide you throughout this process, helping you create the information architecture and content model best suited for your needs.

Style Sheet Development for One-Step Content Delivery

Your customized style sheets tailor your information for the wide variety of formats and deliverables you can produce with DITA. Based on your requirements, we will develop style sheets to produce the deliverables that meet the needs of all your end-users, employees and customers alike:

  • PDF for online and print
  • HTML5 or XHTML for online help, web and mobile formats
  • Dynamic publishing

Document Conversion

400_F_52486650_mtk6JF9riKgLtsAonNVItRhvFXpdSvy5Maintain your previous resource investment by reusing existing documentation in a different format. Based on your tagging requirements, we will convert an initial set of content from your current format, including documentation in FrameMaker, Word, HTML or InDesign.


Following the planning stages, we will deploy your style sheets, upload your content, and get you started on a component content management system (CCMS).


As you author, manage, translate, and publish your DITA content, we are only a phone call, email or web-conference away. We will be by your side as questions arise, optimizing your400_F_50179530_IZnYb6dllA7GjWcrEqznNxpy1oFwZ8ai content delivery by guiding you with best practices and helping you plan the migration of additional content into your new DITA framework.

Contact us for a free consultation on how we can help your team optimize your intelligent content delivery for maximum ROI and customer satisfaction.

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