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SuiteHelp 5.1.3 Release Notes

SuiteHelp 5.1.3 release notes are available for download now.

SuiteHelp 5 is the next generation of the successful SuiteHelp product. SuiteHelp 5 leverages the powerful search capabilities of elasticlunr for both server and client-side deployments. Your customers will be able to access the information they need via mobile and desktop screens, with a modern, responsive look and feel.

Suite Solutions is working to provide regular point releases of SuiteHelp 5 to improve performance and navigation, as well as include new features.

To read more about updates included in SuiteHelp 5.1.3 and previous versions, download the release notes.

SuiteHelp 5 Windows

SuiteHelp is a solution that transforms your DITA content to cross-browser and cross-platform web help. By utilizing recent web APIs, it provides a first-class user experience for modern browsers.

SuiteHelp works on all commonly used web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

SuiteHelp Case Study: Fujitsu

200,000 pages of documentation optimized with SuiteHelp
SuiteHelp enabled Fujitsu Network Communications to focus their online documentation and increase customer satisfaction by providing high-level, easy-to-use online help for Fujitsu’s complex product line.

SuiteHelp Brochure

SuiteHelp: The Next Generation of Online Help

Leverage the latest web standards to deliver your content to any device, any time, in any language.

Style Sheets Brochure

Get the “magic button” for deploying your content.

With Suite Solutions’ experts by your side, you can easily attain fully automated, high quality output to PDF, online help, your knowledge base, mobile devices, dynamic publishing and more.

DITA Quick Start Brochure

Professional Guidance for Your DITA-based Content Delivery

Enjoy the benefits of content reuse, consistent deliverables, and one-step publishing with the Quick Start DITA implementation package.

Training Brochure

Training and Workshops

Suite Solutions will train your team effectively for a successful DITA implementation, reducing your downtime, dispelling anxiety and building your team’s confidence.

DITA Packager Utility for Windows

This utility packages all files referenced in a ditamap (including all conrefs in any file) and packages them into a zip file.

Instructions for Installing

  1. Make sure you have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4.2 installed on your computer. If you do not, you can download it here.
  2. Download and unzip the DitaPackager.zip file.
  3. To launch the utility, double-click on the DITAPackager.jar file.

Ditaval File Generation Utility for Windows

This utility parses all the DITA files referenced in a ditamap file (including all conrefs in any file) and gives a list of all conditional attribute values found in product, platform, audience and otherprops.

Using this list, you can check that all the values are valid and that there are no mistaken values. You can then choose which attributes to include and exclude, and automatically generate a ditaval file.

This utility requires Java Runtime Environment 1.4.2.