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About DITA

What is DITA?

DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is a standard based on XML. DITA tailors the XML standard for dynamic publishing, allowing topic-based information development. It serves as an architecture for designing, authoring, managing and reusing content. XML facilitates content management by separating formatting, structure, and application from content. The DITA standard adds elements for topic-based information development that is tailored to the needs of content planning, creation, and publishing.

Benefits of DITA

Focus on Authoring

A documentation system based on DITA allows you and your content to be independent of any vendor or application. Your authors can focus on writing, not formatting. Multiple output formats can be automatically applied to the same content, which allows you to add new formats without affecting the authoring process. Thus, once a DITA system is up and running, per-page costs drop dramatically.

Intelligent Content

The DITA standard enables you to apply the principle of intelligent content. By using DITA to carefully define content topics, you can ensure that your deliverables are always contextually relevant, according to audience, product, configuration, use-case, and task type.

DITA’s intelligent content capabilities enable:

  • Automated localization
  • Multiple deliverables generated from a single source
  • Dynamic publishing to multiple formats: Word, PDF, HTML, and mobile
  • Personalized documentation for each customer

With a DITA-based system, your content is easily available, at any time, on any device, in any language.

Result: Increased Profitability

DITA streamlines your workflow and lowers costs through automated localization for multiple devices, better content consistency, and lower publishing and distribution costs. In addition, the reuse of content in multiple deliverables leads to faster time to market and the use of fewer resources to create each new deliverable. Your documentation team reaches higher efficiency, faster turn-around time, and lower costs.

Result: Better Customer Service

With DITA your documentation is automatically tailored to each customer’s needs and is available to customers wherever they are, in whatever format they need. Customers can even comment on content and contribute themselves.

The Bottom Line: Use DITA for increased ROI in your documentation process.

Organizations have reached impressive time and cost-savings with DITA-based documentation solutions. Contact us to learn how your organization can save with DITA.

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