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Customers often reach out to request price estimates for migrating non-DITA files to DITA. We request information to help us provide estimates, and some customers aren’t ready or hesitate to supply information. Conversion to DITA is not a standard, across-the-board … Read more

Making the decision to migrate to DITA is the first step in what can be a challenging journey. In the next series of blog posts, we will focus on the initial stages of creating a DITA project plan that will ensure … Read more

 Traditional Use of Indexes Have you ever rented a car, and then found yourself searching the car manual for instructions on, say, how to release the hood? You probably went straight to the car manual’s index, rather than reading through … Read more

  One of the advantages of authoring content in DITA is the separation between content and presentation. This feature sometimes frustrates writers new to DITA who are used to adjusting layout and styling themselves. As my colleague Katriel Reichman is … Read more

  Want to read all of our Knowledge Value Maturity Model blog posts in order? Here’s the master list!   1.  Increase the Value of your Content: The Knowledge Value Maturity Model 2. Optimize Your Content: Fragmentation and Structure 3. Distribution, Display, and … Read more

  Now that we’ve fully explored the Knowledge Value Maturity Model, the question remains: where do you start? To help you we’ve included some tips for your initial efforts, culled from our own experience with a wide variety of organizations. … Read more