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SuiteHelp 4.0 Release

Suite Solutions is pleased to announce the release of SuiteHelp 4.0, the latest in enterprise web help. SuiteHelp 4.0’s mobile-friendly, responsive design is built to fit standard mobile devices and screen sizes, using common Bootstrap elements already familiar to mobile users. The new, responsive design includes features such as the dynamic placement of page elements according to screen size and a toggle view of the contents, index, search, and glossary pane for smaller screen sizes.

In addition, SuiteHelp 4.0 includes a variety of improvements in context sensitivity, navigation, and ease of customization. Companies can easily tailor the SuiteHelp experience to what their customers need.

“Today, truly enterprise-level web help needs to be available wherever the customer is,” says Gal Oron, CEO of Suite Solutions. “SuiteHelp 4.0 has the responsive, robust features that companies need to deliver high quality self-service to any device their customers use.”

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