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Learning and Training

Structured Authoring for Reusable Learning Modules

confident-businessman-business-training-handsome-sitting-meeting-room-having-colleagues-36503221SuiteShare provides a user-friendly authoring platform for quickly creating component-based training that integrates with your existing learning management system. Save resources and expand your training offering by creating reusable learning content.


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Support for All Training Types

businesspeople-clapping-training-7142519Use SuiteShare to create and manage all your courses, whether instructor-lead (ILT) or eLearning. With SuiteShare you can easily create blended learning courses or training courses that transpire completely online.


Create a Full Range of Training Content

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image4218815SuiteShare provides a single portal for your instructors to author and access all training material. SuiteShare supports all relevant formats, including PDF, SCORM, eLearning, and other popular presentation formats.


 User-Friendly Authoring Platforms

400_F_39336541_oyijKMcKV90IWxqY6ibw8fZjsWhVwGxaSuiteShare includes an online authoring interface that makes it easy for your instructors or subject-matter experts to create new training content. The SuiteShare authoring interface allows instructors to easily define content type and the product or purpose of each training component, with no prior XML knowledge required.


Integration with LMS and SharePoint

400_F_53534457_c9OLB4C3tyz8skTWjdLdFMEb8tkBPTfrSuiteShare integrates fully with your existing Learning Management System, ensuring that no information is lost and that your workflow continues uninterrupted. It also leverages your existing SharePoint system for your component-based training efforts.

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