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Knowledge Management

Manage your enterprise content in a single portal with the SuiteShare social knowledge base. SuiteShare is designed to provide your customers and partners with consistent and relevant information that brings them into the conversation.

One Address for Enterprise Content

400_F_57836839_CstmxnqD50rXwLfd6KV8cVnc85X33My5SuiteShare is designed to support a comprehensive and growing knowledge base while keeping your customer involved. No more silos: technical documentation, training, videos, marketing brochures, and support articles can be accessed dynamically through a single portal.

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Contextually Relevant Information Anytime, Anywhere

With SuiteShare’s sophisticated search capability, your partner, customer, or service representative can quickly and easily access all the contextually relevant information they need. All content, regardless of format or type, is accessible by product, version, topic, or whatever other attribute is important to you or your customer.

Accessible Any Way, Anywhere

business-man-using-touch-screen-device-social-network-30877027Using the SuiteShare MyDocs feature, users can save any combination of their preferred topics or content in their own customized documentation. This documentation can be automatically formatted for print, available online 24×7, or downloaded automatically to their mobile device for offline use.

Bring Your Customer into Your Knowledge Base

business-team-working-computer-12763290Your customer can be directly involved in your growing knowledge base through SuiteShare’s interactive features.

  • Encourage customers to contribute their own how-to articles, tips and videos, and comment on the product content that you already have.
  • Let customers build and share their own documents via SuiteShare MyDocs.
  • Keep customers informed about new and updated content via RSS feeds and automated downloads for offline mobile use.
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