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Engage Your Audience. Empower Your Business.

SuiteShare is a collaborative knowledge platform that provides your customers with quick access to relevant information. SuiteShare provides a better customer experience, allowing you to increase sales and customer satisfaction and reduce service costs. Engage your customers with relevant content that is available whenever, wherever, and however your customers want it.

SuiteShare in Action


INVIDI logoLearn how INVIDI Technologies, the leader in personalized television advertising, engages customers with SuiteShare’s targeted content delivery.

Single Address for Enterprise Content

Join your content silos and provide one address for your enterprise content by creating a knowledge base with access to a variety of content types:

  • Technical documentation
  • How-to articles
  • Support articles from your CRM system
  • Online training
  • Marketing materials
  • Data sheets
  • Explanatory videos
  • Audio podcasts

SuiteShare ensures that all your content is accessible for dynamic publishing in any format necessary.

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Customer Experience

More and more, consumers say that a personalized experience is why they stay with a brand. The key to the customer experience and effective CRM is deploying the ideal knowledge platform to meet your customers’ needs. The connection you foster with each of your customers builds loyalty and a sustainable relationship. With SuiteShare your customer is at the center, gaining quick access to the information they need, when they need it, in their language, on their device. You can involve your customers in your product’s story with the ability to comment and add content to your knowledge base.

Knowledge on Demand

Your customers and internal users want to find content right away, without wading through irrelevant information. SuiteShare creates a knowledge base with contextual relevance, so your users can quickly reach the content they need based on who they are and what they need to accomplish.


Personalized Documentation

Customers create their own content collection with SuiteShare’s MyDocs feature, including their favorite articles, videos, and help information. Customers and internal users can then dynamically generate their own personalized documents that are formatted for online, desktop, print, or mobile viewing. Updates to their favorite materials are downloaded automatically to their mobile device for offline use.

Cloud-Based Solution: Scalable and Hassle-Free

SuiteShare is a cloud-based solution, growing with your organization. Your team is free to concentrate on your core business while maintenance and upgrades are implemented automatically. Suite Solutions’ cloud-based services ensure that SuiteShare will continue to meet your business needs now and in the future.


Unified Solution for Desktop and Mobile

More and more often the user’s search starts on a mobile device, moves to the desktop, and then returns to mobile. SuiteShare offers a smooth transition between mobile and desktop with responsive design, providing user-friendly mobile accessibility. Users can search, build documents, and access them from whatever device they are using.

Collect Metrics and Analytics

With SuiteShare you can discover how your audience is finding, using, and contributing content. You can see which content is viewed and at what frequency, identify the popular contributors by role, collect comments, and create rules for action.


Facilitate User-Generated Content

SuiteShare includes an authoring interface that makes it easy to create new how-to articles or online marketing content without any prior knowledge of XML or HTML. You can easily link your content to other relevant topics and to your customer’s specific product.

Enterprise Integration

SuiteShare is built with a robust architecture that easily integrates with your content management system and CRM solutions, such as Salesforce. SuiteShare provides dynamic publishing that works as a seamless part of your enterprise workflow.


Dynamic XML Publishing

SuiteShare supports XML and HTML5 natively. Simply upload a zip file with new or updated source XML content, images, and conditional filtering rules to SuiteShare or integrate with your CMS. SuiteShare renders your content on the fly using HTML5, CSS3, and other modern web technologies, and publishes personalized content in MyDocs to PDF, ePub, and mobile.

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