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Suite Solutions Announces Release of x:Point 3.1

New Version Includes Real Time Diagnostics and Logging

NEW YORK, NY and JERUSALEM, ISRAEL- Suite Solutions announces the release of x:Point 3.1. x:Point, the Suite Solutions plugin for Microsoft SharePoint, extends SharePoint to include component-based content management.

x:Point 3.1 includes enterprise-level integration monitoring. All third party tools, services, and processes are continuously monitored. Any problems are immediately detected and pinpointed through real time diagnostics and logging. Users are notified by email about subsystem outages and critical process initiations are prevented. In addition, a log monitor is displayed that provides users with insight into what is happening in the
system at any particular moment in time.

With the new feature, authors can concentrate on content without worrying. A literal “green light” lets them know that “all systems are go.” “x:Point 3.1 allows us to provide an even better enterprise-level, secure solution for users of Microsoft SharePoint,” says Joe Gelb, President of Suite Solutions. “With x:Point’s real time diagnostics, authors never need to worry that their changes will be lost in the system, even in a geographically dispersed organization.”


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